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TITLE : How To Design Monograms

How to make a monogram this article describes how to design a monogram using microsoft word once youve done that you can save the monogram as a template or an image for use in other documents such as invitations or business cardsmark and grahams monogram maker allows you to make your mark select your letters font and color to create your personalized monograma monogram is a type of personal branding made up of one or more letters typically initials that may be intertwined as part of a design like those you see in crests and wedding designsi love monograms i think its safe to say im pretty much obsessed with them maybe its because my last name starts with l and cursive ls are kinda pretty2 make your monogram shape go to the graphics tab you can make a three letter monogram using pretty much whatever shape you want but for this tutorial were headed to the label set in the scrapbooky category

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