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TITLE : How To Be A Great Dad

Fearing how youll do with this fatherhood thing one dad gives advice on how to put your all into being a dadpost written by leo babauta im often asked about raising six kids and being productive and achieving goals and changing habits in the midst of raising so many kids but heres the thing i do all the other stuff the productivity stuff because of my kids they and my wife are my reason forwhat does it mean to be a father in this day and age what does it mean to have a modern family 60 years ago our roles were clear we were supposed to be cohow to be a good father in this article article summary being present being a fair disciplinarian being a good role model being understanding community qandawhat follows are the fatherhood tips i wish theyd passed out to me upon the delivery of my first child it would have helped a ton i hope theyll help you become an even more awesome dad than you already are feel free to refer back to them as a cheat sheet anytime you need some help

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