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TITLE : Build Your Own Smoker

Steaks burgers and hot dogs are grilled true bbq is a different art form altogether heres how to build your own smokerthe best way to add a lot of flavor to meat is to cook it in a smoker but commercial smokers can cost hundreds of dollars luckily there are many types styles and ways to build your own smoker without spending a lot of money1 find the circumference of your grill to make sure the metal is big enough to make a full circle then add a few inches for the overlap of the jointuse my step by step guide to build your own smoker there are plans pictures and instructions for both hot and cold smokers to help you along the way ive also prepared an which includes every detailfor all those barbeque enthusiasts who have mastered grilling now try smoking your meat learn how to make your own smoker by checking out these awesome posts that show you how to build a smoker

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